Train as a Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

Comprehensive training to become a fully qualified Toastmaster
Toastmaster training - Guild of Professional Toastmasters

Here, Ken learns how to adjust a microphone stand for a guest speaker who is 6ft 7ins tall, as other trainees and training officers play the role of Top Table guests.

Professional toastmastser training London

On one of the Academy courses, trainees are shown here with David Pearson conducting them though some of the finer points of a Jewish Barmitzvah.

From the original formation of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters, training has been a very important part of the Guild's aims and objectives. This ensures that when clients engage a Toastmaster from the Guild, they can be sure that the person who will arrive on that very important day is fully trained and qualified and more than capable of smoothing the way through the events of your special occasion.

Since 1998 the Professional Toastmasters' Academy has been particularly focused on training Toastmasters to meet the challenges and changes which we see in the 21st Century.

The Academy's course used to be run over a two week period but many potential trainees found it difficult to reserve two consecutive weeks in their diaries. Even though we still would like our course to be two weeks in length, we have had to revise the course to take place over six days (an initial five day course plus one more practical day a few weeks later). The reduction in course length does not mean any “dumbing down” of the breadth or depth of the subject matter, only that trainees now need to carry out far more private study from the training manual and text books supplied, in order to bring them up to the quality of other Guild members.

Train as a professional toastmaster and master of ceremonies

Garrick practises conducting an Auction at a Charity Dinner.

Train as a professional toastmaster and master of ceremonies

Whilst Mo rehearses an interview with a guest presenter at an Awards event.

The course runs for a full 5 days (Monday to Friday) on a full time basis, from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm.  Our courses are usually held in Central London. During that week, candidates learn all there is to know to administer every type of function which they will have to cover. A few weeks after the course, trainees are invited back to take part in a full day session, where training is devoted to the techniques of using microphones and public address equipment and getting used to performing under strong spotlights. The sessions are of a more practical nature and place trainees into the most realistic scenarios, without actually being at a function.

The trainees from our last course all completed the course with flying colours.

Professional toastmaster training and diploma london

Graduates from a recent training course, receive their Diplomas from Guild Chairman, Trevor Smith, FGPT

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