A Toastmaster for your Masonic Ladies' Festivals

Let our professional Toastmasters glide you through your event.
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A Masonic Ladies' Festival is the social highlight of the year of any Freemasons' Lodge. It is therefore imperative that the event proceeds smoothly and efficiently but with courtesy and understanding for all those involved, to ensure that everyone present, whether Freemason or guest, can fully enjoy their evening together.

The services of an experienced Professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies will prove invaluable in assisting and guiding the President and his Lady in all aspects of the event.


Toastmaster at Masonic Ladies Festival

The Toastmaster will guide the President and his Lady through the whole evening from that important preparatory discussion in the weeks before and on the day before the guests arrive.  The service carries on right the way through the evening to Auld Lang Syne and giving a rousing send off to the President and his Lady at the end of the President’s important year.

Indeed wherever there is an aspect of the evening that needs guiding through, the Toastmaster will be taking the weight off the shoulders of the President, his Lady and the Festival Secretary in an endeavour to maintain the required timing and order of events.  A Toastmaster from the Guild of Professional Toastmasters will do all of this for you.

Toasting the Lady at Masonic Ladies Festival