Dinners and Corporate Events

Ensure the success of your Presentations, Dinners and Corporate Events
Toastmaster at the Caravan Club corporate dinner

Toastmasters are often associated with Royal and Civic Functions, or more frequently perhaps with family Weddings, but our services are just as important for Business events. When a company launches a new product or hosts a social evening for their clients or staff it is vital that the event runs without a hitch. The Chief Executive does not want to be distracted from his task of hosting the evening with trying to ensure that the food is served on time or that the correct announcements are made at the right part of the meal. A truly Professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies from the Guild can also act as the anchorman for an end of conference dinner, or be that all-important link man for a Trade Association Dinner.

Professional toastmaster at Variety Club Sporting Awards
Toastmaster with the coroner at dinner

Engaging a Toastmaster from the Guild allows the Host to relax and let someone else guide the event through the evening. If there are to be awards presented, the Toastmaster will ensure that they are in the right place at the right time and in the correct order.

When the speeches are made, the Toastmaster will smooth the proceedings with correct introductions and the acknowledgement of any dignitaries present. And as the evening draws to a close the Toastmaster will still be there to ensure that guests know of any post-event entertainment or provide information for their journey home.

As one can see with any business function, our services are invaluable. It is also very important that the particular Toastmaster is properly trained in dealing with large events. Every member of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters has had specific training for every type of function.